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"In our four years of working together, I have found Nan's business coaching to be my most significant business investment."

Annette Sibley, Ph.D.
President, Quality Assist

"Year-to-date, I've had my most successful year in 16 years in business: over 100% growth in gross revenues. By end of year, it may be 200% or more."

Lisa Lockhart
Lockhart & Associates

"Nan's ability to balance her intuition with her cognitive knowledge of business is a powerful combination, and she knows how to bring that into focus for extremely efficient results."

Kim Youngblood
Youngblood, Sweat & Tears

"Over the last several years, I have experienced Nan's coaching, leadership, business and mentoring skills. In all of these areas, she falls into the top range of mastery level. Her ability to dance with her clients and yet stay focused and on task is phenomenal.

Nan's questions are powerful, insightful and stimulating. Her depth of intuitive inquiry creates awareness and contributes greatly to her masterful ability to co-design actions with her clients.

She is direct and candid in her communication style, holding to the high standards she lives, in her coaching relationships. Her generosity of spirit is deeply evident in all that she does, as she joyfully moves through the wondrous work she does with her clients.

The best way to describe Nan, is that she is a rare gem, polished, cut brilliantly, and mounted in a sea of integrity. Her professional standards and her ethical conduct are beyond reproach. I have reached many goals with Nan's help including making certain annual revenue levels, developing better marketing approaches, getting more clarity on what type of work I really want to do, with whom and when (and when not) and feeling much more secure in running my own business.

Her gentle 'nudging' when necessary, her laser-sharp analysis on 'what's really going on' and her unfailing support with whatever I might need at the moment have been and continue to be immensely valuable and useful to me."

Rita Wuebbeler

"Nan O'Conor's workshop was extremely informative and valuable, her handouts first class and the interactive style of the workshop extremely enlightening. In fact, she was the most skilled presenter I saw at the conference, and I left her session feeling it was the most valuable of any session I had seen in the entire 3 days."

Sonia Stringer
MCC ICF Conference Participant, Vancouver B.C

"Nan is powerful in her questioning, timely when she contributes new information, and artful with her insights. The evidence of her contributions can be measured in the work/life balance that I have been able to achieve; the expansive business perspective I've gained; the business innovations that we've designed and implemented. Her knowledge of coaching competencies, skills, and her vast experience are both evident and inspiring. Nan is an exceptional coach."

Annette Sibley, Ph.D.
Quality Assist

"I trust in Nan's integrity and her perceptions. I respect her as a human being and as a most capable business woman. I appreciate her abilities to listen, to hear what is not said, to probe effectively, to cajole or to press as the occasion requires, to help find the vision and create the plan, suggesting when it seems appropriate to do so, to provide context when one is needed - all in all, to create with me a supportive, respectful, clear, direct and joyful relationship that encourages me to risk and to act in furtherance of my goals."

Lisa S. Jaubert
Schully, Roberts, Slattery, Jaubert & Marino




Business Coaching by Nan O'Connor

Better Business Coaching. Better Life.

Business Coaching is a Powerful Tool for Business Owners.

I'm Nan O'Connor—Certified Master Business Coach and I can help you run a better business through my business coaching expertise. I also help you live a more fulfilling life in the process. The key is to consciously grow your business in a way that allows you to live the lifestyle you wish to live, while still having a thriving business. Most people do it the other way around. The business grows—or doesn't—and they are forced to live life around the demands of the business. It doesn't have to be that way for you.

My Mission is to Dramatically Increase the Survival Rate of Privately Held Companies Through Business Coaching

The alarming truth is that the ten-year survival rate of small business is 4%. Astounding! I bet you are smarter than that. And you probably work way too hard to end up going out of business. The problem is that you may know how to provide a product or service, but no one ever taught you how to run a business. That's what I do. When you use me as a business coach, I will teach you how to run your business to achieve the success you deserve.

Does Your Business Give You the Freedom You Originally Sought? Or Has It Become a Bit of a Trap?

A Laptop ComputerYou probably started your businesses for one key reason: freedom. Most business owners do. But, an odd dynamic often occurs.

The business that originally provided the freedom you were looking for becomes a trap. It takes more and more time. More and more energy. Ouch! This is the greatest irony of business ownership. 

Business Coaching FreedomThrough a business coaching relationship, I can help you gain the freedom you were looking for in the first place. 

It's about making moves that cause the business to serve you, instead of you serving the business to the sacrifice of other things you value.


I Can Help You Put All the Pieces Together so that Your Business Grows in a Way that Works for You. 

Business PuzzleAs a business grows, it can seem like a big, confusing puzzle. 

When should I hire people to do what I have been doing? How can I build a sales engine to generate a steady flow of business? Will I have enough money at the end of this month? 

I can help you put the pieces together so that they make sense. It's easier from where I'm sitting than from where you are. I'm not so close to it. I have an objective perspective. And I have lots of experience. My ten years of business coaching can be an tremendous advantage to your business.

Why My Business Coaching is so Successful for
Business Owners

I share your DNA. I have that entrepreneurial gene. I have owned and operated four successful businesses over the last 25 years. I know what it means, first hand, to have to meet payroll every week. To sign a personal guarantee on a building lease. To plan how to make the most of limited time and money. To have to fire the salesperson I was counting on to take us to the next level. To convince key clients to work with one of my employees instead of directly with me. To figure out pricing on a new product.

I have been there. And I know what it feels like to be in your shoes. I'm a quick study and I cut to the chase. You will be amazed at how quickly I understand your situation and bring penetrating insights and advice to the table.

I combine years of first-hand business knowledge with ten years of coaching business owners just like you in every conceivable industry. I bring all of that into your business.

I Can Help You Get Better Results than You are Likely to Get on Your Own

Business TargetBusiness and MoneyBasically, I help you make better guesses. That may be an odd thing to say. But it's true. Because anyone who has owned a business knows that it's anything but an exact science. Running a business is a series of guesses. By using effective business coaching strategies, I help you make better guesses. How? Because I have been there. I've had the successes and I've made the mistakes. And I have learned a lot from both. I'm an objective sounding board whose main focus is your success. Experience. Objectivity. Focus on your success. These things result in better decision-making.


Here are Some of the Changes My Clients Have Experienced through My Business Coaching Expertise

  • Reduced average work week from 58 hours a week to 42 and increased revenues 22%.
  • Raised gross margin from 15% to 38% within 12 months.
  • Built a technology company from the ground up and sold it in six years for $22 million.
  • Shifted role from producing the product to developing new products, launching 3 successful products in the next 18 months, increasing annual revenue by 37%.
  • Transitioned from a business model that was killing the owner of the company to a sustainable business model with high quality of life and profitability.
  • Eliminated a dysfunctional management team and replaced them with a highly effective team, allowing the business owner to focus on future strategy.

Complimentary Get Acquainted Call

If what you have heard so far strikes a chord, check out the rest of this website. After that, if you think I might be the right business coach or business consultant for you, give me a call. We can set up a time to get to know each other and decide whether we are a good fit. You can reach me at (404) 378-5026. Or email me at

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If I work with you for a month and you don't receive extreme value from your coaching, I will give you your money back.  No questions asked.  I have offered this guarantee for ten years to every person I have coached. And, in that time, guess how often I have been asked to return money?  Never

How can I have that kind of track record?  I'm very careful who I take on as a client.  In fact, I send over 50% of the folks who call to discuss business coaching to other business coaches.  Why?  Because I am not the best busness coach for everyone.  If I'm not, I'll tell you straight out and I'll help you find the best business coach for you.  If I am, I'll tell you that as well.

Call now to schedule your free phone consultation. (404) 378-5026