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"Nan has a broad range of knowledge about business, from accounting principals to the impact of dreams and desires on profit. She uses every drop of that knowledge in our discussions."

Anita Wagner
Wagner Services

"Without reservation I would classify Nan as one of the best business coaches in the coaching community."

Pamela Richarde
Past President-
International Coach Federation

"I had no clue that it would completely shift the way I do business, the way I allocate my personal time, and the quality of my relationships with business associates and my family."

Mary Sorrel
Hayslett Sorrel

"Nan has never wavered in her belief in me, and she is brilliant."

Virginia Woodruff

"I recommend Nan particularly to those who are entrepreneurs and used to going it alone. She has been an inestimable value both personally and professionally."

Melissa Galt
Linea Interior Design, Inc.

Small Business Coaching—Nan O'Connor

Powerful Small Business Coaching

Small business coaching is a fascinating process. It's about asking the right questions. As a small business owner, you likely are an external processor—you figure things out as you hear yourself talk about them—most small business owners are. But, it's not only about asking questions. It's about listening with a set of wise ears. To hear what's really being said...and what's not being said.

But questioning and listening aren't enough.

I have over 25 years of experience of owning my own successful businesses. I bring that experience to my small business coaching, along with an opinion, to the table.

Partner Calibre Thinking Without Giving Up Equity

With me, you get much more than someone who simply has been trained as a small business coach. You get someone who has walked in your shoes. You get a business owner who has lived through every phase of the business life cycle: start-up, success and growth, economic downturns, turnaround, restoration to profitability, and the sale of the business. Couple that with ten years of small business coaching hundreds of business owners and you get a powerful package.

Is My Small Business Coaching the Right Thing for You?

There's no way to tell for sure until we talk and explore your situation. But, here are some questions to ask yourself. If you find that you say "yes" to one or more, then it's probably worth a conversation.

  • Do I have a skill or talent in delivering the key product or service of my business, but not in how to actually build and run the business itself?
  • Have I gotten the business to a certain level, yet feel stuck when I think about where to go from here?
  • Do I have trouble getting others (employees, vendors, investors) to understand my vision for where this company needs to go?
  • Am I lonely running my business all by myself? Do I wish I had someone I could talk things over with? (Someone other than my spouse or employees.)
  • Would a business plan help me focus on specific actions I need to take to get this business where I want it?
  • Do I have the work / life balance that I really want?