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"Nan has a broad range of knowledge about business, from accounting principals to the impact of dreams and desires on profit. She uses every drop of that knowledge in our discussions."

Anita Wagner
Wagner Services

"Without reservation I would classify Nan as one of the best business coaches in the coaching community."

Pamela Richarde
Past President-
International Coach Federation

"I had no clue that it would completely shift the way I do business, the way I allocate my personal time, and the quality of my relationships with business associates and my family."

Mary Sorrel
Hayslett Sorrel

"Nan has never wavered in her belief in me, and she is brilliant."

Virginia Woodruff

"I recommend Nan particularly to those who are entrepreneurs and used to going it alone. She has been an inestimable value both personally and professionally."

Melissa Galt
Linea Interior Design, Inc.

About Business Coach Nan O'Connor

I Have a Rich Background that Uniquely Qualifies Me to be an Extremely Effective Business Coach

Master Certified Coach

The truth is that anyone can call themselves a business coach. It’s important to distinguish between real coaches and “wannabe” coaches. I have been awarded the highest level of credential given by The International Coach Federation, the Master Certified Coach. They don’t give it lightly, and fewer than 1% of people calling themselves coaches have achieved it. The requirements are stringent and include:

  • Over 200 hours of coach specific training
  • Documentation of over 2,500 hours of coaching business owners
  • Demonstrated competency in ICF’s three part MCC exam

Business Owner

I've owned four successful businesses over the last 25 years and have experienced just about everything a small business owner could experience. Explosive growth. Rapid decline due to economic swings. Turnarounds. Losing my personal life to my business - and getting it back! I've seen it all - or rather survived it all. My experience can help you move more quickly to the kind of business you desire and help you avoid some of the pain.

Corporate Experience

For over 25 years, many of my clients have been corporate executives. I know that world and how to navigate it. I've seen what works and what doesn't. Why is this important? Because most of my clients are doing business with Corporate America and it’s important to understand that world.

Business Mastermind Group

For the last 15 years I have been privileged to be a part of a group of 16 business owners who meet for a full day once a month. During that time, we bring business issues to the table and act as a team of advisors to brainstorm solutions to the problems being presented. I've spent over 1,400 hours examining every possible aspect of business. I bring all that expertise and experience with me when I work with you.


I have been a finalist for two respected business awards: The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Person of the Year and Arthur Young/Venture Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year.

I am Past-President of the Georgia Chapter of the International Coach Federation and I speak internationally to coaching audiences each year.

For years I taught business planning at Emory University’s Institute for Professional Leadership.

I Walk the Talk. I Lead a Wonderful, Balanced Life While Running a Successful Business

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