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"It is very hard to put into words the impact Nan has had on me both professionally and personally. Everything from her style, assessment tools, the process for coaching, to the questions she asks is tailored to my needs. Nan is able to assess situations and give direct advice without being involved in what the company does or knowing who the people are. I leave each call with multiple items that I can take direct action on.

Nan is more than a mentor and coach, she is my champion. She is the first person I think to call when I have something to share that has gone well or that I am proud of - and she is the first person I think to call when I something has gone wrong. I recommend Nan to all that I can – and in fact recommend coaching in general."

Jessica Daly

"My business flourished in terms of growth and profitability. More importantly, we had a working environment of happy people excelling at, and at the same time enjoying, their work. I couldn’t have done it without Nan."

Robert Logan
PSEG Americas

"By working with Nan, we have learned to communicate with each other much better, function more successfully as a team and we’ve found ourselves much happier and much more effective in the workplace."

Susan Pavloff

Business Coaching—Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching for Businesses

Feel Free to Contact Me With Any Questions You Might Have. In the Meantime, Here are the Questions I Am Most Frequently Asked

Can you help me even if you don’t have experience in my industry?

It’s never been a problem when I begin working with someone in an industry in which I don’t have experience. In fact, it can be an advantage. When we are in a particular industry a long time, we acquire beliefs about the industry’s limitations. I come to the table with a fresh look at the industry, without any limiting beliefs. It’s useful. Along with that, I have found that business principles are pretty universal. Of course, there are nuances in each industry that are important to understand. You’ll find that I’m a very quick study.

What are your fees?

It depends on what I am doing and the company I am working with. Vague enough? No really, it depends on how much value I am bringing to the table. Obviously, the stakes are higher with a $50 million company than with a solopreneur. The potential return-on-investment varies by company. My fees are structured accordingly. After we discuss your situation, I will give you an exact price. And, of course, I guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Can I really get value from just two or three 45-minute calls a month?

Of course. If not, I wouldn’t have had a full practice for the last ten years. The benefits of coaching occur because of what happens between our sessions as much as what happens when we are actually talking. I may ask a simple question that gets your wheels turning - it may revolutionize your business, or your life. It may only take 20 seconds to ask that question.

I’m not sure about working on the phone. Don’t we need to be in person for business coaching to be effective?

Some of my clients initially shared your concern. After just a few sessions, however, they realized how powerful business coaching can be on the phone. And how convenient it is. You know, I reach a deeper level of intimacy faster over the phone than in person. I think it’s because people feel so safe. At any rate, working on the phone is simply not an issue. In fact, it’s an asset. The only way for you to know if it is for you is to give it a try.

How long should I expect to work with you?

That depends on what you want out of the business coaching. People tend to use my coaching in one of two ways. Some hire me because they have a specific situation through which they would like to be coached. Something that has a beginning and an end, like the sale of the business. When the event is over or the goal is accomplished, we terminate our coaching. Others use me as a part of their operating system. Our coaching relationship becomes one of the ways they run their business on a regular basis. Those relationships tend to last much longer. I have worked with a number of clients for years.

What's the difference between business coaching and business consulting?

Coaching is usually done with an individual. It’s about supporting the person to find their own solutions or to grow in some way they find important. Consulting is often with the leader and his/her team. I bring processes to the table to enable the team to get where they want to go: planning, alignment, strategy, etc. They are very different approaches and each has its value. They also work really well together. For example, I might help a management team do a strategic plan and then coach the leader through the implementation.

How are you different from other consultants?

I'm different in two key ways. First, I have owned a business and wasted precious money on consultants. When I started consulting myself, I promised I would only provide a service that was of true and immediate value. There's no B.S., no jargon, no wasted time in what I do. I cut to the chase and get you to a solution in the fastest time possible. Second, my consulting comes from real world business experience - I didn't just read about it in some book in business school, I lived it!