Five Ways Business Coaching Can Help You And Your Business
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I owned and managed a corporate communications business back when there was not a profession called business coaching.  It was lonely.  I had two partners to share responsibilities with, but it was still lonely.  I needed someone who wasn’t ensnared in the dynamics of my business.  Someone who had my best interest at heart, but [...]

How To Know If A Business Coach Will Be A Good Investment
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Business coaching has become quite the thing these days.  For business owners, the question is whether you really need a business coach.  Business coaching can be expensive, but only if it’s not giving you a good return on your investment.  The best way to decide if a business coach is worth it is to ask [...]

How Business Coaching Can Help You Leapfrog Your Competition
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Here’s a simple formula I use in my business coaching to help you leapfrog your competition. It comes from the concept of thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Here’s an easy way to apply it to differentiate your business in your [...]