A Business Coach's Perspective On The Economy
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I’m not an economist, I’m a business coach, but through my coaching I get a pretty good feel for what’s going on out there in the business world.  Today’s business owners have to deal with two kinds of change: 1) the things that have changed that will eventually return to the way they used to [...]

Hiring Family or Friends - A Business Coach's Perspective
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Most of my business coaching clients, at some point or another, want to hire either a family member or a friend.  I usually advise against it.  They usually do it anyway.  I understand.  It’s very tempting.  It is one of those ideas that seems so good at the time.  And, sometimes it is.  But, here [...]

How To Manage A Vitual Business
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I am a business coach to both traditional and virtual businesses and have noticed some distinct differences between managing the two.  Some of these differences go beyond the obvious, so I think it’s worth spending a little time looking at the special things you need to do as a business owner of a virtual business.

In [...]