Managing Through A Business Turnaround
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Businesses in trouble often seek business coaching.  So, I have seen my fair share of business owners who have hit hard times and need to turn their business around.  A business turnaround is one of the most difficult maneuvers a business owner will ever make.  I had to do it myself once, I know.  In [...]

Your Highest & Best Use - Tips from A Business Coach
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It’s a universal concern for all business owners.  As a business coach, I see it everyday.  What to do with yourself?  Better put:  How do you, the business owner, decide where to spend your limited time and energy? What is your highest and best use?

Every business owner brings something unique to the table.  Something that [...]

Considerations For Selling Your Business - Business Coacing Tips
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Many of my business coaching clients eventually ask, “Should I consider selling my business?”  There are many factors that should be considered when weighing such an important decision.  And, I have noticed many times when it is the right time to sell, but the owner won’t take action.  Here are some things I have observed [...]

How To Spend More Time
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I recommend The E-Myth Revisited to all my business coaching clients.  The author, Michael Gerber, makes a valuable distinction about a business owner’s use of time in a business.  He breaks it down into time “in” the business versus time “on” the business.  Time in the business is the time you spend hands-on delivering the [...]

Common Traps Of Business Ownerships -- Business Coaching Tips
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After 12 years of business coaching, I have seen certain patterns.  Traps that many business owners fall into.  Perhaps you can avoid some of these traps if you know about them in advance.  Here are some business coaching tips to help you avoid some of the traps that lay in wait for business owners:

Business Coaching [...]